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June 12, 2009

Quote of the Day: The Yogi

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My latest obsession is going to the gym. But not just to go hard on treadmills and elliptical machines, but for the group fitness classes of which Vinyasa yoga has become my absolute favorite. My quote was taken from a class I took yesterday afternoon and so the story unfolds…

As I sat at my desk at work yesterday, I considered not going to yoga because it was a gloomy day–spring has yet to arrive in New York–and because it was an instructor who I have never had. Nevertheless I decided to press on. 

When I walked into the room it was unusually warm and me, being new to the gym, figured that maybe the air conditioner wasn’t working or maybe the class was just warm at the beginning to warm us up. So I found a spot and prepared myself for class. Once I settled into my sitting position the teacher announced that it was a heated Vinyasa class for intermediates. I was internally freaking out thinking, “Am I an intermediate? I’m not a beginner but I’m not an intermediate either. I have to go back to work after this and I am pretty sure I will sweat like a dog, I don’t know that this is a good decision. Hmmm…” But something told me to just stay calm and take a chance, honey. And so the class proceeded with yoga poses not too unfamiliar to me. It flowed like water and soon enough the beads of sweat were flowing like water off of my forehead, my brow, my chin, my decolletage, my back. It was everywhere, I was drenched and I was actually okay with it.

Midway into the class the poses started to get a little more challenging. They were poses that I had never seen before but I endeavored further nevertheless. Somewhere between lying on my back with my head between my knees and standing on one leg with the other leg wrapped around my standing leg the instructor said,

“Nothing ventured. nothing gained, right?”

No sooner than those words left his lips, I was encouraged and got this supernatural power to really give it all I had. Poses I had never seen in my life, I was able to execute–not perfectly but with perfect intention. I felt invincible just by him saying those words. It was the perfect reminder that in this life, if we do not stretch ourselves to our outer limits, going beyond what is comfortable, we will never know our true potential. 

And to bring it full circle, if Christ never ventured to fulfill the will of His father, we would have never gained a new life. If we never ventured to find fullness in Him, we wouldn’t be able to boast about our new life. 

So it really is, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?”


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