The Loudmouth Protestant

August 11, 2009

Farewell Brooks & Dunn

Before I moved to New York and become all Yankee-fied, I lived in Orlando, Florida, where I was exposed to Stetsons, Wrangler jeans–not the one’s sold in K-mart, boots and steer contests at the Central Florida Fair. I had friends who were a part of an organization in school called the Future Farmers of America. They walked around wearing tight jeans–the girls and the guys–and cowboy hats and chewing that stuff. Some of them had Confederate flags on theirs trucks–yes most if not all of them drove pickup trucks–but this didn’t bother me. They were a generation removed from the days when their parents used the Confederate flag to declare their separation from anyone who looked like me. And to be honest, I was really green and didn’t know the true meaning or history behind the Confederate flag because my parents didn’t tell me about it–my parents are Jamaican so many American history lessons were lost on me. But these were some of the people who I would call my friends in high school. People I supported. And people who in turn shared their culture with me which largely included country music. People who listened to, you guessed it, Brooks & Dunn, among others.

Fast forward to this evening when I read in the New York Times that the country duo has broken up. It’s not bad blood, it’s just time. I haven’t listened to their music in years but I had to go to YouTube and look up my favorite. Here’s one:

Take it easy Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn


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