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September 10, 2009

The Vigilant Christian Campaign Intro

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A few days ago, a friend sent me a blog post from a site called Vigilant Citizen. The purpose of this site is the expose the occult in some of today’s most popular music, places and people. My introduction to VC was through his analysis of Jay-Z’s “We Run This”. Earlier that day, before I had even read the post, and actually before I even knew the post existed, I tried to watch the video on YouTube. But as I sat there and watched the opening scene of the video, it didn’t sit well with me.  Next I tried to just listen to the song, but my computer or my God would have none of it as the song stopped, started and sputtered to play. So I gave up on listening to it.

Later on that night I read the post where VC would analyze the video and songs lyrics and claim that Jay-Z has some connection to the Illuminati, Freemasonry and Ordo Templi Orientis. The friend who sent it to me said she was blown away and after I finished reading it I was too. Not so much because I believe Jay-Z is a member of any of these societies. I am unsure of that and honestly will never know the truth. I am more blown away by the fact that an artist that we all have listened to for so long openly embraces darkness as a tool to sell his music. But why should I be shocked?

It’s not about Jay-Z being an alleged member as much as it is about him being ok with playing with the notion in his music. Which leads me to believe that he’s not thinking about his music being beneficial to anyone but himself. My friend who sent me the VC post had purchased the Jay-Z album earlier that day told me she was going to return but also remarked about how difficult this faith walk was getting simply because we have to turn our plates under from alot of the things that used to be perfectly normal and so-called harmless to us. But I posed the question to her, “When Jay-Z made the album, do you think he thought it would bring people closer to God or closer to him?” I think we can all rightfully answer that question since Jay-Z is the same man who calls himself “Hova” or “J-Hova” an obvious one off of one of our father’s holy names, Jehovah.

So confronted with this knowledge of Jay-Z and other artists in the secular industry being possibly connected to the occult, displaying everything opposite of the fruits of the spirit we are called to display, and pondering that they glorify darkness through subliminal and obvious messages in their music, I was compelled and even convicted to suggest a fast from the world to all who would in the body of Christ.

This has been on my mind for sometime as music has always been a struggle of mine. Years ago, I remember getting into it with a group of Christian young adults who asked me why I still listen to secular music. I told them that the music I listen to is harmless and I didn’t see anything wrong with it. But they shouted me down that afternoon. They told me that it made no sense to entertain secular music. I didn’t agree at that time. And after that time I’ve gone through many transitions where I didn’t listen to any secular music, didn’t listen to it much and started listening to it all over again. But there’s always been this distinct feeling that much of what I listen to, watch, read and consume, in its harmelessness is actually quite harmful to my spirit, subversively.

And with this recent questioning of Jay-Z and his connection to the occult–along with a slew of other popular artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, etc I’ve been wondering how I am edifying myself by continuing to support their music. Even in small doses it can be damaging to my spirit.

So you sit and listen to Jay-Z sing about how rich he is, how he’s married to the hottest chick in the game, how he thinks other rappers are lame, how he and his Roc nation will run this town tonight and you walk away from the music with a trumped up sense of self. A false one. Or you listen to Beyonce sing about having a big ego that she can back up, or being a diva or you watch her serpentine moves and you emulate them in the comforts of your own home and you ingest that sultry, sensual, lascivious nature and put yourself in danger of creating and feeding a Jezebel spirit. You listen to Kanye sing about how great he is, how stylish he is, how there is no one as hot as he is, you watch him be a self-obsessed fool in the midst of the media and you eat it up but also don’t realize that you take on some of that persona yourself. The list goes on and on for the numerous artists we let have entry into our minds by way of their music and media presence.

But this is not just about music. This is about every godless creation out there. There is so much out there that can wrongfully fill us. The music, the movies, the books, the magazines, anything that we can consume will wrong fill us. On the train on Tuesday morning, a man came on and started to preach, but his preaching was so wrought with despair and pain. It was unlike any other street preacher I’d heard. He was practically sobbing as he told us to steer clear of the evil of this world and he told us, the passengers on the train, to let go of the godless music, movies and books and anything that would create a barrier from God getting to us. I felt him deeply on this. More than words could express. So it’s not coincidental to me that after hearing his mini-sermon, trying to play the Jay-Z video and then reading the VC piece that all arrows are pointing to me making a concerted effort to cut the crap.

So you still think it’s not that deep and you have a million reasons as to why you couldn’t possibly let go of your beloved Jay-Z CD, watching Housewives of Atlanta or going to the movies to see the next flick wrought with violence, sex, strong language, etc? Well, here’s the thing. The world so quickly rejects Jesus by what it produces. Jay-Z thinks it’s ok to exalt darkness and have a dark persona. His music glorifies himself. And yet, while he exalts darkness and plays with it, we willingly rush out to buy the CDs, the concert tickets, the clothes and anything else he creates, making us lovers of darkness he creates when we are called to be in the light. We have no idea what kind of hidden messages are in his music. But we listen and then wonder why it is harder for us to hear God. Or we rush out to see Rob Zombie’s “Halloween 2,” ignoring the fact that Zombie is a worshipper of darkness. Some go as far as saying he worship the devil and is not ashamed. So, if Zombie worships the devil and you run and see his movie, you therefore are seeding money into the devil’s hands. Or you run out and buy the Arabesque, Harlequinn, romance, horror, or otherwise not edifying book. Not realizing that your frequent read of these books is creating storehouses of bad knowledge in your mind. And all these things are created by people who aren’t thinking about promoting the kingdom first, they are thinking of promoting themselves. They find it easy to reject God and yet we find it hard to reject them. I’m tired.

So I am proposing the Vigilant Christian campaign. A fast from the things of this world not necessarily for the purposes of making the world mad, but for the purposes of pleasing the father. The purpose of emptying out our storage of toxicity and making room for the spirit to fill us up. It is my belief that once we push all of the worldly things aside, from the music, movies, books, parties, etc that we think we love, to empty ourselves out and make ourselves vessels, God can better use us. When we empty out the alternate voice in our head pushing us their bullcrap mentality of life in the world, we can better hear God’s perspective and truth. Right now we are straining to hear him. 

That’s my whole point, to get the body of Christ to willingly dash away all they think they are comfortable with to be cleaned out and used for the purposes of God. It is my belief that once we stop consuming the things of this world and replace that consumption with complete consumption of God, he can more quickly and better use us. We all talk about wanting God to work, and create miracles and breakthroughs in our lives. We talk about wanting things, but we also don’t talk about what we are willing to give up to get those things. We want God to work so badly but we don’t try to work ourselves. Just for once, let the world take a backseat while you get up in the front with God and give up your creature comforts.(Remember, if this seems too hard to give up, or too ridiculous, it’s probably what you have to do.) 

So, this is your chance. A chance to start throwing up the garbage in your life to create a clean space for God to work in. It’s not to say he can’t work alongside your Jay-Z album, your Saw DVD collection, your Housewives, Gossip Girl or True Love addiction, because you know what, He’s God, He can’t work through anything. But this is a test to see that if His people would turn from their wicked ways, humble themselves and hear from God, He will surely heal the land.

This is our opportunity to take the kingdom back the way we are supposed to and instead of us trying to keep up with the world for balance’s sake or relations sake. Let’s make the world keep up with us because they will see we have been changed. They can only see we have changed when we stop looking like them and start looking like God.

I’ve run on and on about this, but I hope there is still someone left after they read this and I hope whoever read this might feel some twinge to take this challenge. My next post will address the parameters of the Vigilant Christian campaign. So thank you for reading this, please share your thoughts, and stay tuned for more.



  1. hola Nicole.. mymymy, how bold you are for stepping directly against the grain, and may God bless you for being obedient to writing this. I sooo agree with every word in this blog. I do believe that it is no longer safe enough to dibble and dabble in the world’s entertainment and ways. First because the world is becoming so saturated with wickedness that it would take compromising to even be apart of the world..and as we know we are not to be of the world-reformed to the world. Also we are the light and i like how you mentioned a stand to those in The Kingdom Of GOD. We, brothers and sisters in Christ, so need to check our priorities and our perspective on how we worship and what we worship. And take a stand bc truthfully, the world is going to hell, and we have what they need to deliver some from that path. So instead of us following the Beyonces Jay-Zs and Commons Kanyes and nodding to their songs, we need to be out and open with THE GOSPEL and our testimonies bc our work for the Kingdom is the only thing that’ll stand when all is done. And the world needs something to look up to…

    Comment by chin — September 14, 2009 @ 9:15 am | Reply

  2. I applaud you on this post. While I still listen to secular music, something about Rihanna’s and Jay-Z’s music specifically makes me feel very uncomfortable, with Beyonce’s and Lady Gaga’s coming in as a close second. The music isn’t about love or being positive. Its always about ego’s, material things, self-glorification. I hate Rihanna’s new single Russian Roulette already. Its like… what in the world is she singing about?? Its always so negative and dark. I don’t know, I’m rambling now. But I do agree with the majority of what you have to say.

    Comment by anon — October 21, 2009 @ 12:47 pm | Reply

  3. thank God. I befell this when searching for V.C., which was told to us by our fellowship movie director at Kings’ College Budo. I’ve been having problems trying to let go of this secularity, but one question arises- I like country, oldies, classical_that sort of thing. Do they also fall into the beats-of-the-devil category?

    Comment by isaac karugaba — August 8, 2010 @ 12:15 pm | Reply

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