The Loudmouth Protestant

October 2, 2009

The Last 100 Days Challenge

As I was trolling around on some blogs I ran into a challenge. No, my computer didn’t freeze up. I’m on an Apple so it is rare, if ever, that it freezes up. (Sorry that was neither here nor there but thought I’d represent for Team Apple, Mac or whatever they call these things. And I digress.) So I ran into this challenge entitled “The Last 100 Days Challenge“. The creator of this challenge, a blogger by the name of LoveLiDaze created this in response to a message she heard her pastor preach. It was about loving God and in really loving Him, loving His words. LoveLiDaze reflected upon this and wondered if her love for God was doing Him any justice because she hadn’t been in His word like she should be. I’ve been there.

I, like many other people, started the year off with ambitious plans to read the Bible cover to cover. Major and minor prophets. Books of poetry. Proverbs. Pentateuch. Synoptic gospels and even the apocrypha. I’m a really ambitious person when it comes to spiritual goals. Whether I achieve them is a completely different story. Nevertheless, LoveLiDaze is encouraging everyone to join her in the Last 100 Days Challenge which will find us all falling in love with God’s word and thus falling deeper in love with God. So what does it take?

Just pick up that Bible that’s been sitting on your bedside table, coffee table, bookshelf or wherever you keep the Good Book. Blow the dust off of it, un-peel the pages from each other, shake out the silverfish and let’s get to reading–side note: I know everyone doesn’t have a seldom-used Bible, but I like to be dramatic. The whole point is, we are on a adventure to fall in love with the lover of our soul. Doesn’t matter what you read. Let him lead you to it. But read it every day for the next 90 days and commit to it. Yes, you might miss a few days, but you can dust yourself off–since you already dusted your Bible off–and try again.

Let’s spend the next 90 days falling in love with Jesus. It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done.


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  1. Wonderfully written! Its very simple…dust off that bible that you’ve had sitting on the table for ages, like you said! Or if you read it on Sunday, try picking it up and reading on Monday as well. The increase in word-consumption has done me a lot of justice…and its only been a week and some change! 🙂

    Comment by lilisheree — October 2, 2009 @ 12:44 pm | Reply

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