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January 23, 2010

Finding God in the Rubble of Haiti

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Like anyone else, I have kept up with the situation in Haiti. I don’t wear myself out with the news coverage, I instead resign myself to prayer. But, when I do watch I am amazed to see that God is in the midst of it. It may be hard to see, but He really is there. I came to this realization last night, first as I watched Hope For Haiti Now, and then as I spoke to a friend about it later on in the evening. I marveled at how proof of God’s existence is so clear in the rubble of Haiti that if you don’t believe in God exists after seeing so many people being pulled from the rubble, alive, than you may as well concede now.

Today I continued to ponder God’s awesomeness in Haiti and I decided to compile a list of the people, who against all odds, and against what is par for the course, live today to tell the story of how “God Blocked It“. So without further delay, I wanted to share some of the proof of God’s existence.

  1. Marie Carida Roman, 84-years-old, rescued after 10 days under the rubble
  2. KiKi, 7-year-old, rescued after 7.5 days under the rubble
  3. Emmanuel Buso, 21-year-old, rescued after 10 days under the rubble
  4. Josyanne Petidelle, 19-year-old, rescued after 3 days under the rubble
  5. Bea, 13-year-old, rescued after 18 hours under the rubble
  6. 16-month-old girl, rescued after 68 hours under the rubble
  7. 11-year-old girl
  8. 12-year-old girl and her 7-year-old brother

These 8 instances are by no means the only proof of His existence and by no means is this a comprehensive list of those who have been pulled out from the rubble alive, these are just the names I could find for the time being. Look upon this list and the great number of other survivors and consider God. Consider His awesome sustaining power, which is all most of these people had to live on. Consider that most of these people praised God once they were rescued and some were singing songs to God while they were buried in the rubble. Now tell me you don’t believe there is a God out there. Better yet, tell God you don’t believe He is out there, because by this alone, I know too much about Him.


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