The Loudmouth Protestant

February 10, 2010

#5: Countdown to a Love Supreme Day

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As I approach 30—granted that’s 10 months from now–I realize how I desire love and to be loved in an earthly sense. I’m not starved for love because I do have all the love I need in God and in the wonderful family and friends He has given me. But there is yet more love that I want to give and still more that I am ready to receive. Being this open and ready for love certainly brings with it extreme vulnerability and a definite possibility of getting hurt more times than not. But the one thing I always take comfort in is knowing God is in control of everything.

Over the last few years when I’ve found myself being interested or liking a person, God has always been the third party in the situation. Most times, it is unbeknownst to the other person, but it is always fully known to me. When I am in the midst of giving too much of myself away too early he reminds me to “guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life.” When I am in danger of getting involved with the wrong person or overspending myself emotionally he removes me from the situation. And then, there are those moments where He gently pushes me into the right direction and encourages me to open myself up and trust Him. He allows me to open my heart and be not afraid of what lies ahead because His perfect love casts out all my fears. He changes me moment by moment and encourages me to be a better woman so that one day, I will be fully prepared for the better man He has prepared for me. For these reasons and more, I choose to stay under His watchful eye when it comes to my desire for love on this earth because I know He will never lead me astray.

God, I trust you and only you with the desires of my heart. I fully know that you know what is best for me, you know who is best for me, you know when is best for me, you know why it’s best for me , you know where is best for me and you know how it will be best for me. I trust you enough to know, “If it’s not you, I don’t want it at all.”

As you navigate the landscape of love this Valentine’s Day, be sure to keep God in His proper place in your relationship. If you can’t see Him in it, there’s a good chance you ought not be in it either.


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