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July 30, 2007

Paul Wall, Jr.

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This morning I decide to check out the news to see what has been going on during my eight hours of slumber and for some reason I decided to go to I hadn’t been to the site in a few months, so I decided to drop by. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw their new design which is much cleaner and interactive than the old design but in their headline news box was this:

Boy Swallows ‘Grillz’, Only One Way To Pass Them

Well of course I was disturbed but I was also intrigued enough to click on the story and read all about it. Long story short: Little boy and mother are walking through a Sanford, Florida flea market when his eyes bulge at the sight of a pair of “grillz.” He asks his mom for a pair and she dishes out the $10 for them. He goes home, takes them out of the brown paper bag the “grillz” technician placed them in, tries them on as has him mom take a picture:

Voila! We have yet another “Hot Ghetto Mess.” Shortly after his Kodak moment, he begins to choke on the grill, swallows it and now we fast forward to today which is the third day that he’s had the “grillz” in his guts and doctors say he has to pass the “grillz” in order to dispose of them.

I wonder how foolish the mother feels now that her buying her son the $10 “grillz,” taking a picture of him in them and bearing witness to him choking on them has made its way around the world via the web. It will teach her that you don’t just buy your kid “grillz” off the street, no, you go and get him fitted for his “grillz” the professional rapper-way.

Please join me in prayer that this too shall pass through him–not too painfully so he won’t miss the first day of school.


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