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August 17, 2007

Who Are We To Judge?

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So Britney Spears is having an incredibly tumultuous season in life. Her children might get taken away from her, her big comeback is being setback and now people are speculating that she may be mentally ill. Well, I for one am not hopping on the bandwagon to speculate on her mental condition or any other portion of her life.

I have just started to understand what life may well be like for Spears and other celebrities and because of this, I am a little weary to participate in foolish talk about how she is destined to exist in the corners of our mind as a total wash-up. It’s just not my place and really it’s not the place of any magazine editor, reporter, or regular schmoe.

Where do any of us get off trying to figure out the inner-working of celebrities? Do we realize that Spears has lived her life under a microscope before she even knew how to spell the word. At no point in her life has she been able to make the mistakes that normal people make and keep it moving without someone saying she is unfit for motherhood, unfit for stardom and just unfit.

I am not absolving myself from criticizing Spears and her ilk–because I have done it. And I am also not saying I condone everything she has done heretofore, but I have finally come to the point where I have more compassion than disdain and I am tired of people ripping her to shreds.

Some say that Britney was afforded the same opportunities to dust herself off that were given to other celebrities who managed not to let life get them down, so why should we feel sorry for her. We should feel sorry for her, for just the same reason God has mercy on our souls every time we fall. She isn’t perfect and neither are we. It just so happens that she gets her imperfections plastered all over every newspaper, magazine, website and television and somehow there are people that make a living for tearing her down.

Well I am over it and will go on record as saying, “Leave her the hell alone!” And concern yourselves with the plank in your own eye.


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