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September 12, 2007

An Argument for Counterfeit Handbags…

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Could one make such an argument? See below as one tries as they might to do so:


I am thinking about buying a fake designer bag…A fake (redacted) to be exact.


Urgh! This is what friends are for. Why buy a fake that will just dilute the joy that comes when you finally get a real one? If you do decide to move forward because I anticipate a rebuttal from you on this debate anyway, then just buy it from a store and not off the street. And make it a bag that’s “inspired” by a design bag instead of an exact replica sans label.


Ahh the great debate. You see, as you know, (redacted) I’ve been trying to maintain a certain level of simplicity in my lifestyle. A level that I expect I will retain for years to come, that means even when I am making six figures I won’t feel the need to blow $1800 on a bag because I will find a better outlet with which to contribute that sum (I was thinking church or charity). My profound thought today is why should I ever aspire to buy a real bag–that’s not deeply discounted (redacted) –because the designers behind the real bag aren’t putting the money back into my community and my people.

But the people on the street selling the bags are usually immigrants that came to America seeking some semblance of freedom and the American dream. Unfortunately they got sucked into selling fake designer bags on the street, but the profit they make is needed to feed their wives and children and possibly send back to the their land–prayerfully not for the funding of WMDs.

So the difference between where my money goes lies in helping big business continue to bulge at the seams or helping a man that had no other career choice because he can barely speak the language save for adjusting dollar amounts–depending on the person–who actually needs to sell the bags to stay afloat.

The latter needs my money. Sure it’s easy to believe the b.s. (redacted) people keep on writing about fake bags supporting terrorism, but they are just mad someone stole their -ish. I want the bag because I think it’s a great-looking bag and I believe I am done caring what people think about the stigma of carrying a fake bag. It’s all an illusion anyways, just for the totally vein and pretentious to size up whether someone’s bag is real or fake–very middle class.

Plus I don’t think the joy will be diluted when I get a real one, it’s my joy, forget everyone else–outside NY no one knows so what does it says about our great city? I say “pfft” to folks that scoff at me for carrying a fake. I take pride in keeping my money in the bank so I ain’t got to walk around looking all stank and thinking like Kanye “Wait ’til I get my money right, then you can’t tell me nothing right!” Until then, I will rock the heck out of a fake and make the world think it’s real because don’t you always tell me, “It’s not about what you wear, but how you carry yourself while wearing it.”

(redacted)…Haha! You can’t tell me nothing!


Oh yes I can. 

This is what I can tell you. Designer or nameless. Invest your money in a bag that will last. Don’t spend $1,800 but don’t spend $30. If you can, spend $100-150 on a good leather bag (which is about the best material you can buy because it’s durable). It holds it’s value while remaining unpretentious.



So what do you think folks? Of course this is trivial to more pressing matters in our society, but I felt a twinge of randomness. Can one justify such an argument for buying a fake designer bag? Really what’s the big deal and who cares?


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