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November 16, 2007

God’s Word Is First

This morning I spent some time in the book of Job. I love the strength and courage of Job even in the midst of trials and tribulations and I also love God’s rebuttal to all of Job’s ponderings.

I was reading from the Blackaby Study Bible which has historical excerpts and contemplative thoughts on God throughout the Bible. But as I was studying I stopped on this scripture in Job 23:12b: “I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.” It became bold to me within the nanosecond of my reading it. I understood it all too well because I always seem to let the little foxes of life interrupt my relationship with God. It is always the little foxes, isn’t it?

But then I looked up to the next page and it said this:

“God’s word is top priority. If we must forego sleep or food or recreation in order to not neglect God’s word, then that’s what we must do.”

But how many times have we all not forgone food, recreation or sleep to be in God’s word. We are so consumed by the cares of this world. I dare say that even work comes before God’s word for some of us, but I dare to think that work can wait–particularly if it is the job that God gave you–just so you can stay in his word just a little bit longer. For the last year or so I have been sustaining myself on the concept of not leaving my home until I am overflowing with the anointing. I don’t always get there–at least I don’t think I do–but the point is that we are supposed to stay in his word, pray and meditate for long enough that when we leave, we work out of the overflow and not out of the draught. The draught will slow us down, make us tired and incapable of doing God’s work, but the overflow gives us energy to press forward. I notice that on days when I press into God’s word through tiredness and a long “to-do” list, those days are way more productive and bountiful than when I don’t.

So choose this day whom you will serve. Your stomach, need for entertainment, need for sleep and your job can wait if it means you will be that much better.


October 16, 2007

Maybe I’m Selfish

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Back when people used to assign different ringtones for each of their friends, a friend of mine assigned me as Slum Village’s “Selfish.” Now I reckon that I was given that ringtone for other reasons related to the song–pertaining to that person’s relationship with me–but I will not explain that in this post. Nevertheless that was was two years ago that the concept of selfishness and me came together. About two weeks ago I was accused of being selfish because I didn’t want to share my most favorite food in the world with a table of friends.

Side note: No one should even take it personally if I don’t want to share plantains with them. It’s my favorite food on the planet and if I order them for myself and you neglected to order them for yourself, I guess you can consider yourself out of luck. I don’t eat bananas so when I eat plantains–which apparently have double the potassium–I go to town. So, should you ever have the opportunity to dine with me at a restaurant that serves plantains, please get your own. And I digress.

So selfishness is coming back to haunt me and I think today the final nail was driven in the coffin. As I sat at my desk this morning, toiling away at the day’s task, I thought about all of the things I need to do for other people. Things that I am completely obligated to do but I keep on forgetting and letting my own priorities take place. Take for instance my quiet time. It is being severely neglected because of my want of sleep. In the evening I try, but I decide I am too tired to read and sometimes too tired to pray–save for murmurring a “thank you God.” In the morning I hit the snooze button continuously until I know I can no longer hit snooze and I cram my time into a 20-minute block. There are people that need the things that I possess but I am continuously withholding things because of my selfishness.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when God brings a flaw to your attention. But I guess at the very least I know that he is answering my prayers. I asked him to show me where I fail him. Show me what exist within me that is not pleasing to him. Well, I believe he is showing me one of many things. This will take a while to swallow.

October 2, 2007

I Love Seitan

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Pronounced “satan,” seitan is a gluten product that is used as a substitute for meat in vegetarian dishes. Seitan and I met this afternoon during lunch at a cute Korean vegan spot called “Franchia” in midtown east. Seitan came on a kabob filled with mushrooms, peppers and some other indistinguishable vegetables. He tasted just like meat if not better than meat. And I have to say, nine hours later, I feel as light as a bird.

So, if you are looking for a great meat substitute, seitan is your guy–I mean your gluten.

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