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August 8, 2007

Heaven Can’t Wait

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Last night, I thought about how I’ve spent a good portion of time making things wait. I take up the majority of my day to handle “the man’s business” and then leave a measly portion for God. I consider fasting all of the time especially when I know that I need a breakthrough, but I often forego it because of my inability to determine what is most important in life–except when I do corporate fast within the body of Christ, but shouldn’t I be able to go in on my own? I try to “Master Cleanse” but then I can never set a date because I have an engagement or maybe I know that in about two days I’d like to go out and enjoy solid foods. Or maybe I purpose in my mind to enter into quiet time at a certain time of the night but then someone calls me or something comes on television and my attention is quickly diverted.

Well as of last night, I realized that all of the things of this world can wait but there is one thing that cannot…Heaven cannot wait. God can’t wait for me to get myself together–well actually he could but I am sure that he would rather not–I can imagine God growing tired of waiting on us to get real and really get serious rather than perpetrate the fraud. Many of us say to ourselves, “I am waiting on the Lord for “X” blessing.” But the reality of the situation is that sometimes God is waiting on us. He is waiting for us to realize that we don’t have it together and we need to take some time out to figure out why. We need to sit in silence and do a mental and spiritual inventory and figure out where things aren’t adding up. It is only then that we will realize that it isn’t our responsbility to wait on God, it is our responsibility to catch up.

Now I know that someone will read this and say, but deosn’t the scripture say that those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mountain

I now know that heaven can’t wait. Do you?


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