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August 19, 2007

Hurricanes: Has God Grown Tired Of Us?

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For the past few days I have been watching the coverage of Hurricane Dean, the hurricane that is now bearing down on Jamaica and the Caribbean. I usually wouldn’t watch so furiously, but for once it applies to me because on Thursday I am supposed to be on a plane to Jamaica to watch my cousin get married. My initial thought was, “God, I really do need a vacation, please don’t batter the place.” But then, it’s bigger than my need for R&R. I became concerned for the people that live in Jamaica that are bearing the brunt of the hurricane’s effect even now as a I type. Of course I am also worried because I don’t want this to effect my cousin’s wedding. I am sure him and his fiancee have put much planning into their nuptials and it would be much too difficult to re-route all of the family that is gathering.

As I was combing through the news, I noticed one headline that said “Hurricane Dean claims three lives.” I was utterly disturbed by this because it implied or actually it explicitly stated this hurricane was responsible for taking lives. It made me wonder, why this way? Then I thought about Hurricane Katrina and the lives that were lost. And even in watching the “eye” of the storm and knowing that wherever the “eye” of a storm hits, there is sure to be immense damage, just freaked me out.

Well I guess I will never really understand the way of hurricanes and why God might or might not have chosen such a drastic way to wipe out entire populations and destroy people’s livelihood. All I can do is pray for the people of Jamaica now while the “eye” of the storm is upon them.


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