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August 14, 2007

I Hate Money

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Okay, I don’t hate money. I am thankful for it because it is through the money that I make from the job that God blessed me with that all of my needs are met. But what I hate about money is the gross misuse of it across the board by the rich and powerful of this world.

A few days ago I watched VH1’s money-glorifying series, “The Fabulous Life Of…” This episode was “The Fabulous Life of Filthy Rich Billionaires.” These billionaires were technology tyrants, oil giants and media executives. They worked hard for their billions, so of course they work hard to spend it. They buy Boeing Jets to create flying mansions, own multiple homes and have competitions to see who has the biggest toys.

What I couldn’t wrap my brain around was this concept of having billions of dollars while people in your country struggle to eek out a living on $5.85 an hour–and why the hell is minimum wage only $5.85, no one can pay their rent with that? At what point will the wage be reflective of the cost of living? I know it’s not their fault that these people only have a skill-set marketable to minimum-wage earning jobs, but how does your access to such great resources serve mankind?  Luke 12:48 says that “to whom much is given much is required.” That “much” is not just maintaining your high-lifestyle. It is about being a good steward over what God has given you.

And maybe that it the problem, maybe these billionaires don’t realize where their help comes from, so they can’t be so global minded.

Where was Dallas Maverick’s owner/tech-geek Mark Cuban when the levees broke? Could he not have used his Boeing 757 to rescue some people? I know, it isn’t his fault or responsibility, but when your government isn’t responded quick enough where are the good and faithful citizens with plenty in their pockets???

About a year ago, I read Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations with God, Book 2.” The “god” in the book–I say the “god” in the book because I don’t believe he is an Abrahamic God–mentions that the reason why our world is in such disrepair because we are all selfish. He uses a quote by Mahatmas Gandhi that says “Live simply so others may simply live.” That quote and concept has stayed with me–although I haven’t always activated the principle in my life.  But conceptually, if every single person lived simply–from the richest to the poorest–we would all be better off.

What would happen is: Everyone would only consume that which is absolutely necessary for their survival and then they would take the rest and donate it to some larger organization that disperses money to others. It would be a society where people wouldn’t worry about how to spend billions of dollars because the money would just siphon itself back into the economy to benefit another. Then, the multi-millionaires and billionaires would never have to worry about how to spend massive amounts of money.

It’s simply a thought and I know it could only happen in a Utopian society, but it’s nice to think about. Imagine if everyone, from the greatest to the least was global-minded. Not just looking out for their own best interest, but the interest of those around them. If money wasn’t just another commodity to obtain and waste on frivolous things but a means to make life better and equality attainable for all.

I wonder what “Fabulous Life of…” would look like if we lived in a Communist society???


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