The Loudmouth Protestant

July 12, 2007

How Shall I Vote? Let Me Count the Ways

It is no surprise to me that this election season, faith is playing a big role. It’s as predictable as the separation of church and state. How do we figure that the separation of church and state is really being enforced when on any given Sunday across the US, politicians can roam into a sanctuary under the guise that they were “just in the area,” grab the microphone and do a little public service announce about something that just happens to be relevant to the campaign. And to throw more salt in the wound, the most gangster candidates will have the audacity to leave before the sermon starts (I’ve seen it happens countless times)–how they figure that shines favorable upon a naturally judgemental congregation, I have no idea.

So now the big question is, how is religion going to affect the vote for the 2008 election and how should the candidates go about letting the voters know their religious beliefs? According to a random poll mentioned in a NY Times Politics piece candidates are just encouraged to show up at churches regardless of their intentions. I don’t believe this is a good strategy but it has long been the politicians staple on the campaign trail to kiss a couple of babies and show up at a church or two.

So as a Christian do I feel like the faith of a candidate is going to impact my vote? I am almost sad to say that it isn’t going to be the a huge determining factor. Truth be told there are too many candidates that exist and who ran in years past that profess one thing and do the exact opposite when they land in office. It’s like so-called Christians who loudly proclaim that Jesus is the love of their life but don’t conduct themselves as such.

Given that, I don’t think I will be voting or not voting for someone based on their Christianity or lack thereof. It’s even harder to fathom considering most of these candidates based on their faith–with the exception of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney–because they are all recieving media training on how to God-speak to voters. So why, knowing all of this–that you’re being fed lies by a bunch of well-trained yuppies–would anyone bother to make faith the basis of the vote when the faith is not genuine, it’s just a means to an end.

It is clear that once again it brings us back to the chief-cornerstone, that solid rock upon which we stand, and the only person that can help any of us make a good decision about who we vote for, Christ. I think the media coaches and candidates might want to take some time to talk to Him too.


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