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July 16, 2007

What a Privilege and an Honor

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Do you ever stop to think about how fortunate we are as Christians in the United States? While people in China are being persecuted to the point of death for their Christianity, we are still free to worship. We are able to congregate in public places and profess to the world our beliefs without fear of being killed.

I was reminded of the great privilege this evening when I had an opportunity to attend the opening night service for Paula White’s Life By Design Empowerment Center in New York. As I worshipped among a great number of saints of all ethnicities, I felt high on the spirit of God. The air was thick with His spirit and the worship was raw and uncensored. I experienced a refreshing and it was due in part to the diversity of the people there.

While I was imbibing of the spirit, I opened my eyes and through the blur of my tears I saw an Asian woman who was worshipping in true abandonment. At that moment, I broke down because I realized the profundity of my Christian experience. I could no longer take for granted what some people die for–the opportunity to freely worship God. And from there I was able to “go in” deeper than I had ever because another level of my mere Christianity was stripped away. The room swelled and it felt like a little piece of heaven.

It’s moments like that when I know without a doubt that God is real. It is only God that could bring people from all walks of life together and have them worship Him in spirit and in truth.

What an awesome privilege…


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