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February 16, 2008

Go Benny, Go Benny, Go!!!

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It’s been a while since I posted one of my fun YouTube finds but alas I am back and thought it not robbery to hit you with this gem. I pray that all can find the humor in this and not think it is disrespectful. Truth is, he did get an iPod and inquiring minds want to know what’s on it so until then…


July 11, 2007

What Do You Mean I’m Not Saved?

According to Pope Benedict XVI all of the Protestants in the world are going to hell. How could that be? Well Ratzie has re-written the doctrine of the church–this pretty much justifies any church in existence. This re-write says that Christ established only “one church” on this earth. The grand prize of that title goes to the Roman Catholic church and the runner-up is the Orthodox church. The Catholic church is a “true” church because there is an apostolic succession that can be traced back to the Bible and the church teaches real truth and sanctification in addition to the many sacraments of the church. To a lesser extent the Orthodox church is a runner-up because it also enjoys an apostolic succession, sanctification and the teaching of the unadulterated truth. The only thing that makes the Orthodox church lag behind is the fact that they refuse to recognize the primacy of the Pope–for that I don’t blame them.

Now given all of the complex arguments that will go on because of this amendment to the doctrine, I have come to shine a little light on the situation. It is my prayer that Protestants who will read this news in the next few days will not lose heart in the faith and salvation that God has given them. Fortunately, Pope Benedict has no control over that–the grace of God. He can re-write doctrines until he turns blue but it won’t change the fact that the Protestant church and the servants who work within the church have–through the power of God–saved many souls. That work can’t be belittled because of one man who thinks he has all power in his hands.

Sure, he can re-write the doctrine of the church–this is a natural assignment, but he cannot re-write the fact that we all report to one God and God alone–and that is totally supernatural. Pope Benedict obviously has no idea of the plans that God has in store for his good and faithful servants in the Protestant church, the Catholic church and the Orthodox church. Clearly none of us do or else we’d be further along.

I know that the release of this news doesn’t change a thing about my standing in God. It’s true, the Protestant church is faulty but then again there is not a single perfect church in this world. And as many preachers would say, “If there is a perfect church, it became unperfect the day you walked in because you are not a perfect being.” In my opinion, the “church” as it stands is actually more of a manmade construct for the meeting of organized religion than a sacred space. It has been tainted by its leaders and its membership so it no longer retains it reliability. The real church is inside of us and it only follows the doctrine of God, our heavenly father. I

So I leave you with this one thought. I have transposed its original meaning which was intended to address divorces and marriages but I believe it holds true for the discussion at hand…Mark 10:9 says “Let no one split apart what God has joined together.” Try to re-write that…

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