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May 5, 2010

Back in the Day…

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Ever think about some of the music you used to love way back when? I had one of those moments today.

Why now? Well, I was walking to the local Dunkin Donuts to get a muffin when I noticed that my old favorite band is playing tonight.

Who is it? I’ll not keep you in suspense any longer, Limp Bizkit.

I was a huge Limp Bizkit fan back in college. Well, maybe I should downgrade huge because I wasn’t exactly running around wearing a red baseball cap and Dickies. But I did own their first two albums and I’d blast them at liberty. I always felt so hardcore when I listened to their music. Like I could run through brick walls and get into barroom brawls. (Neither of which ever came close to happen except for the one time a guy punched me in the throat at a party.) Anyways for some hump day randomness, I felt compelled to share two of my favorite songs from the Limp Bizkit glory days. This is where I came from…Aren’t you happy that I’m not where I used to be?

And no I didn’t ever do it all for “The Nookie”.

And I didn’t break [alot] of stuff either, but this song did wonders for my passive aggressive side.

 Happy Humpday!


April 27, 2010

Hanson Over Heartbreak

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Yeah I know, I’m supposed to be posting about how to quickly mend a broken heart, but this took precedence. Can anyone explain to me why something like this would still happen in the year 2010? What is the world coming to?

Seriously, have they had another hit since “MMM Bop”? Who is sending their children to scream over mid to late 20 year old men? The magic of their hey day wore off when their voices got deep, they cut their hair, got married and started procreating. I just don’t understand…I think my heart just got broken, again. 😦 I need to pray, everyone does so that this doesn’t happen again.

April 16, 2010

Take a Look at this Crucifix

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Take a Good Look at this Crucifix

I came across this image of a new crucifix that has made its home in an Oklahoma church. As beautiful and wonderful as it is, some congregants have a problem with it and they have even left the parish because of it. Having looked at the image and been assaulted with the headline that came with the article that inspired me to write this post, I could see why people are upset. But, having taken a step back, I wonder if this is a case of a perverse generation of people–i.e. all those angry congregants are actually closet freaks. Or, is this a case of a perverted maker–the artist or whatever you call people who make crucifixes had a little trick up his sleeve.

So I’m curious, what do you see when you look at this crucifix and who do you think is to blame, the people or the maker?

April 13, 2010

I’m Coming Back!

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After a dryspell on the blog, I wanted to let everyone know that I am coming back with more frequent posting starting tomorrow. I’m going to ramp things back up to a couple times a week and then hopefully be back on a daily schedule. I had alot on my plate the past few months but I’ve cleared some things off of it, turned my plate under and now I can see much clearer and my experiences have sharpened my pen. So I’ll be back to my good old loudmouth Protestant self!

Coming Soon…

Redeeming Heartbreak

Quote of the Day: Subway Angel

In the Words of Satan

Being “Out” In Church

and whatever else tickles my fancy. 🙂

See you all tomorrow. I’ve missed you.

March 24, 2010

Sandra Bullock and The Devil Wears Prada

“Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. Means it’s time for a promotion.” Stanley Tucci as Nigel in “The Devil Wears Prada”

This was the first thing that came to mind when a friend and I were discussing Sandra Bullock’s current situation with her appropriately-named scandalous husband, Jesse James. Now, you know this is not a gossip blog so I have nothing much to say about the intricate details of their situation, but I will say that I find the parallels between Bullock’s personal life going up in smoke and winning that Oscar interesting.

Could it be that Jesse James has been blocking Sandra’s blessing all these years and now that what has been done in the dark is coming into the light she is being provided a way of escape, not only to save her life but to regenerate her career? I don’t know, only time will tell. Just thought I’d put that out there. This is just another one of those situations when women must know what they are worthy of in relationships. You can’t ever be so hard-pressed for love that you are blind-sided–pun sooo intended–by a person’s real intent and heart. As a dear friend quoted, “When someone shows you their arse (she said the real thing) kick it. Or, “When someone shows you who they really are, believe it.” And might I add, after you believe, keep it moving. They are not changing for you.

That’s all.

March 12, 2010

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

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It’s a rainy day in New York, an appetizer to what is going to be a rainy weekend, but I am not bummed. I’m actually really happy or maybe I’m joyful, I’m not sure which one it is. Whichever it is, it made me pick out a yellow sweater to wear and select a pair of bright yellow unmentionables with a smiley face on the backside. (I’ve heard that sexy underthings make you feel sexy, I’ve tried that and it’s true. But now I see, bright yellow underwear with a smiley face on the back make you feel really happy too–thanks Victoria’s Secret!)

Anyways, with all this happiness and/or joy in me, I thought about one of my favorite cartoons and a great song that came out of it. Anyone who grew up with Ren & Stimpy knows this song pretty well and it is the song that sums up how I feel today. So without further adeiu…

PS: I didn’t record this video, but I thank the person who did because there are so many remixes to this song. Thou shalt not tamper with Ren & Stimpy classics. 🙂

February 10, 2010

On Snow

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I’m here in New York and we have finally gotten our share of the blizzard that the DMV–that’s D.C., Maryland and Virginia–has been getting for the past few weeks. As I look out the window and watch the snow go from slowly falling to rapidly being blown about in the wind, I think about what snow means to me.

Before we trod upon it with our feet and switch its colors from white to a muddied gray, it is a pure, clean, light, fluffy and fresh matter that we enjoy ourselves in. I still remember the first time my dad took me out in the snow with our sleigh and pulled me around the block until I could squeal with delight no more because my little body was frozen to its core.

We sing about the blood of Jesus making us clean, as white as snow when we sing, “Oh precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow. No other fount I know. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”

In the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus was resurrected, we read that, “His countenance was like lightning and his raiment was as white as snow.”  Of all of mother nature’s torrents, snow, I believe, is one of her most beautiful creations. Unlike rain and sleet, hurricanes and earthquakes, snow brings with it a certain peace. Though the temptation is to be frustrated with the arrival of snow because it slows things down, we can be grateful because it DOES slow things down.

Cars move slower, trains move slower, buses move slower, people move slower, as each one of those entities has to be a bit more intentional about their movement as opposed to wastefully spending themselves on going fast for no good reason. For those of us who were fortunate enough to get the day or days off from work, let us look at this time not as wasted but as time to get back to the basics of enjoying ourselves and our families. It is rare when we have no other option but to be still and rest. Snow gives us that opportunity to renew ourselves. Sure, it’s daunting to think about how you will dig your car out of it all and how you will navigate the snow-packed streets, but let those cares worry about themselves and live in the moment of a snow day.

Watch your favorite movies, eat your favorite foods, read your favorite book, call your favorite people, sleep, cuddle…Do everything you wouldn’t have occasion to do on any other day. Enjoy and appreciate moments like these when stillness is not an optional, it’s a requirement.

Enjoy being still…Be still…

January 28, 2010

iPad, A Bloody Ripoff?

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I’ve come a long way since yesterday when I was excited like a virgin on her wedding night about Steve Jobs’ coming into my technological bedroom and breaking me off with the iPad. Yeah, it’s revolutionary, but really is it? He’s essentially selling people an iPhone on steroids. No groundbreaking new technology from the house of Apple, just a copy and paste of iPhone technology placed in a bigger package. Now, don’t get me wrong, when I see all the pretty pictures and when I visit the Apple store to see it in person, I will go back to my wedding night jitters. But for now, this is the position I’ll take on the iPad:

January 27, 2010

Anxiously Awaiting Apple Announcement

I admit it, I am totally a Steve Jobs’ girl and I’m proud to join the ranks of millions of Apple freaks who will be glued to their monitors and televisions starting at 12:30 today to hear Jobs’ announce his latest messiah machine, the Apple iPad otherwise known as the Apple tablet. I don’t know that iPad is the official name, but as a woman, I like the thought of it being called an iPad. I think I’m more excited about this announcement than I am tonight’s State of the Union Address. Mostly because I know this will make me happy, even while it makes me feel inferior.

So join me and millions of others as we watch what is sure to be the best news we’ve heard since the 2010 started.

Watch Apple event live… 

November 2, 2009

Missed Connection: Part 2

This morning as I was waiting for the train, I encountered a reminder of a personal fail/lesson. You’ll remember a few weeks ago I mentioned a young man in my neighborhood whom I had a moderate crush on. The particular morning that I saw him and had the personal fail/learned lesson, is the morning another young lady from the neighborhood swooped in and caught his attention. I hadn’t seen either of them since that day, until today.

When I arrived on the train platform, the two of them were standing together. He, still in his autumnal glory, her, still in her talkitiveness, but they were together. The context of their togetherness I know nothing of. But it looked like they arrived at the platform together. So there they were and there I was by myself. Well, not literally by myself. A good friend whom read that same post about Earth Tones was with me and as we approached them I told her that they were the subject of my previous post. She lambasted me, in the nicest way possible, for not putting my foot in the game. She too agreed that he was quite the catch and now, sadly, looks caught.

I made my way to the next train exactly how I did when these two met each other. I was trailing him. But this time around Chatty Cathy fell behind. I had hope for one second that he was trying to lose her to steal a moment away with me, but as we approached the top of the stairs he let the crowd pass and waited for her like a knight in shining armor. There he was at the top of the stairs patiently waiting for her and there I was passing him by. She rejoined him and continued to talk–I feel like he doesn’t talk nearly as much as she does but he seems to like her loquaciousness nonetheless.

So there it is. I don’t have a “moral of the story” for this one. Maybe the moral of the story is continuing to be happy for someone else’s gain as I learned on part one of this trip. If that’s what it is, then I shall be happy for her and for him since if he wasn’t meant for me, even to just meet and greet for one moment in time, and that’s the way God would have it, who am I to argue? Here’s to happiness to the happy couple. Back to the drawing board–which actually does have other sketches that I’ll share in just awhile.

Until then, be blessed.

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