The Loudmouth Protestant

March 27, 2009

Bishop Carlton Pearson’s Conundrum

I’ve been going through the “Nightline Face-Off: Does God Exist?”  and one thing has been confounding me. Bishop Carlton Pearson, a former ordained minister in the Church of God in Christ, currently a minister in the United Church of Christ was on the opposing side of the Satan debate. But, unlike his companion interlocutor, Bishop Pearson believes in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and in the salvific power of Jesus, but he doesn’t believe in the devil…

He sat on that stage in Mars Hill and said he loves God and doesn’t know how not to love him yet he was willing to tell the world the Satan couldn’t possibly exist. So to that I wonder, could one really love God and believe  Satan doesn’t exist? I know it’s possible to love God and not give Satan any glory or simply disregard the works of Satan because God is all-powerful. But, in knowing the Satan was a creation of God, an angel, who fell from grace and never came back, and there is biblical proof of this and record of Jesus’ words to Satan, can you really claim loving God but denying the existence of his very own creation? Is that fully loving God?  

That’s all I have for the moment. I’m chewing on that. But wondering if any of the lurkers here would like to answer the question, “Can you love God and believe Satan doesn’t exist, simultaneously?”


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