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April 8, 2009

Jesus Christ Runs This Man!

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In a world where it’s so easy to get caught up in the greed of “A Millie”, the notion of “Live Your Life” and bad behavior because you “Blame It on the Alcohol” it’s good to just turn something on and ride out for the glory of God. I’m just discovering the bounty of gospel hip-hop and I am loving what I hear. Here’s an artist, who I’d only heard about in passing and today, via Pandora, was able to hear more than an earful of his work. I’m lovin’ it. A disc I’ll be copping for sure:

Lecrae, Who the King?


April 7, 2009

Take My Breath Away

This afternoon, as I was winding down from a full day’s work, Israel Houghton’s “Breathe In Me” came on my iPod. As Israel breathlessly sung about the Lord taking his breath away, I thought about how people talk about men or women taking their breath away by their earthly beauty or some earthly attribute. For one second, I even thought I might like to say the same about the man I will walk toward on my wedding day. That is until, in my daydream, the man I was walking toward was Jesus. I was getting married to the lover of my soul and my breath was really being taken away at the sight and thought of it.

Just one moment took me from daydreaming about a temporal love to coming to realizing that my every step on this earth is a part of my bridal march down the aisle toward an everlasting love who I will be with in eternity. Talk about breathtaking…

March 27, 2009

Asher Roth’s A Millie Remix

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I think I average about one irreverent post a week which is pretty good considering that there is way more irreverence in my life than I lead on. Nevertheless, I saw Asher Roth’s “I Love College”  video for first time last Saturday while hanging out with a friend. She said that “I Love College” would be his breakthrough hit and then he’d try to convince the world that he’s socially-conscious and that’s what he wants the world to hear. Well he did it. Although I think he might have done this before “I Love College.”

Curse words aside, he is flowing about the truth of some of the most popular artists today. Methinks he’s not bad at all. Totally normal and unassuming with a flow that is not particularly groundbreaking but his lyrics are pretty on point. Check it out:

January 14, 2009

“Nah, We Straight”

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Like a shot heard around the world, our president-elect Barack Obama keeps hitting them with his hipster vibe when least expected. He’s already brushed the dirt off his shoulders,

and now, in his always effortless fashion, he proves to a worker at Ben’s Chilli Bowl that not only is he just like him, but he is determined to bring the bailout to main street by putting dollars back into the pockets of minimum-wage workers–directly.  

I’m not trying to idolize the man, but I will admit I love my future president strongly and will be praying him through. In the meantime, check out his word swag:

May 22, 2008

Need a Break

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When I lived in Orlando, I used to hear this song playing in the background at a hair salon I used to go to sporadically–when I was younger I went to hair salons as often as people get colonics (for most that isn’t often). Each time I went, regardless of the length of time between, they would play this song without fail and be so excited about it, bopping to the beat and humming along while pressing and curling. I couldn’t understand what they were saying but it seems to really resonate with the stylists.

Fast forward to about ten years later…I came upon a Trin-I-Tee 5:7 album at work. It was on our giveaway table, so I decided to save it from the fire. I don’t think at the time I knew they were the same group that sung the hair salon song, but when I played the CD later on at home, it all came back to me. But this time, the words were so much clearer because it was so much a part of what I go through on a day to day basis.

Now there are some that might think they skewed a little too secular in the video what with the dancing and the members of the group looking more like R&B songstresses–oh and let’s not forget J.Moss trying to make his mark as the P.Diddy of the gospel music industry. But the message is very clear,  never let life get you down and always remember to build your hope on things eternal remembering God has got it all under control at the end of the day and always.

So here it is:

January 1, 2008

“This Is It” the Video

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By Kirk Franklin

December 12, 2007

Baby Got Book

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NIV with the ribbon bookmark

October 18, 2007

Need a Break?

A colleague sent this to me today. She touted it as being pretty hilarious, but more than hilarious I found it to be fascinating. The host’s grasp of Mandarin was amazing–particularly for someone not from the country. Mandarin is beautiful, more beautiful than my neighborhood ghetto Chinese spot allows me to hear. This is why I love God. His creations are so marvelous. I’m in the moment.

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