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December 10, 2007

Revelations, Not So Groundbreaking

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This afternoon, a close friend and I went to go see the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. After living in NY for five years we figured that we owed it to ourselves to see this amazing company. I was so excited for the opportunity to see one dance in particular, an Ailey Classic entitled “Revelations.” It’s a dance that goes through the spiritual movements of a believer. From the moment that one has been rebuked–“I’ve Been ‘Buked”–to the moment when one realizes there is nowhere to hide–“Sinner Man” to the moment when one realizes that life is about getting ready for something bigger than themselves “I Wanna Be Ready” to the celebration of being closer to the creator and His beloved people–“Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham.” Collectively this was all beautiful in its execution but…It isn’t ministry.

You see, I was heavily prepped on the profundity of “Revelations.” Many told me that it would be the best dance I’ll ever see in my life. But no one told me of the ministry behind the dance.
As I watching the piece, though it was incredibly beautiful and watching the dancers was like watching rain dance upon a body of water, I didn’t see the spirit in their dance. My spirit couldn’t connect with them even though they were dancing to music that was deeply moving and that is what I missed. At that moment it connected me to my own dance ministry and it allowed me to really understand what it means to minister with your whole body and not just with your body but to fully engage the mind and soul in the venture of dancing. It allowed me to distinguish between steps and spirit, movement and ministry and bring it all back together.

And really I say all of this fearfully because I know that many will be shocked at the fact that this dance didn’t change my life or blow me away. But the truth is, when you’ve been in the midst of true dancers, those who have committed their bodies as living sacrifices to be holy and acceptable unto God. True dancers that minister in spirit and in truth and do it for free. True dancers that don’t need a ten minute applause because they perform for an audience of one. True dancers who leap for the joy of the Lord. True dancers who have a high release because they know where their help comes from. True dancers who dance in spirit and in truth, you really can’t be blown away by anything else.


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