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June 25, 2010

Where I Am Today: Romans 8:28

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“And we know that all things work for the good of those who love the Lord, and are called according to His purpose…”

Romans 8:28


April 26, 2010

A Song for the Brokenhearted

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

I felt compelled to share this verse and the song below because in my own circle there are people dealing with broken hearts and crushed spirits. I myself am on the other side of a broken heart and a crushed spirit and I can confidently say that if it had not been for the Lord who was on my side through the broken heart and crushed spirit, I might not even be able to deliver this message. But, I thank God that He didn’t let me mourn my loss for very long. Everytime I am tempted to be wistful and sad God quickens my spirit and says, “No no no babygirl, I need you to keep moving forward.” And I am moving forward. He’s been like a parent who keeps encouraging their child to get up after they’ve fallen off the bike–or even fallen when they are trying to learn how to walk. I have more to share about how I got over, but for now I will share this song that has ministered to me on countless occasions. I hope that it will minister to you too.

Check back tomorrow for my post on how to quickly mend a broken heart.

February 4, 2010

#11: Countdown to a Love Supreme Day

I am currently reading “The Gift Of Being Yourself” by David Benner. Benner seeks to take readers on a journey to true self-discovery by helping them to realize that everything that they need to become their true self is caught up in knowing God. One of the things that really caught my eye while reading the book is when Benner mentioned that God loves us with a passionate, absorbed interest. As soon as I read that, I imagined God sitting in front of me just staring at me waiting to see what I might do or say next with that look of admiration we hope that someone on this earth might have for us. I imagined that every time I prayed, no matter how trivial the matter, or no matter how many times I had brought it to Him before, He was still standing by waiting to have an occasion with me. At these thoughts I was just amazed at His perfect love.

It’s the love that we all wish for. A love so passionate, so absorbed, so caught up that we don’t see anything or anybody else. THAT, is how God loves us. THAT, is enough to secure us for the rest of our lives. THAT, is the kind of love we can feast off of and never grow hungry or thirsty. THAT, is love unrestrained, unspeakable, unfathomable, unmatchable, unbridled, unadulterated, and unstoppable. Imagine, He has children all over the world and yet the passionate, absorbed interest with which He loves us makes us feel like we are the only ones? THAT, is unselfish.

Considering all of this love He has for me, how can I not be consumed by Him? I just keep having these thoughts of love…

February 1, 2010

The Countdown to A Love Supreme Day

So, here we are about 14 days away from Valentine’s Day. Many people are going into overdrive trying to lockdown their dates for Feb. 14th. Others could care less because they see Valentine’s Day as just another day to make money off of a bunch of lovesick suckers. As for me, I’m cool as a cucumber because I have figured out how I will spend the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day, the big day, and the days thereafter.

As you’ll see in the title of this post, I’ve taken the liberty of renaming Valentine’s Day “A Love Supreme Day”. Yeah, I know, that’s the name of a John Coltrane album. He wasn’t so much my inspiration for the rename. Instead, God is the inspiration for the rename because, after all, He is “a love supreme”. And as such I wanted to make this race to the finish for Valentine’s Day all about Him by doing a countdown of some of my favorite love songs to Him. It’s like a mix tape for the lover of my soul.

So join me on this countdown to A Love Supreme Day where we will take our eyes off of the earthly expectations of Valentine’s Day; the flowers, the candy, the dinner by candlelight and instead focus on the heavenly expectation and reality of being extravagantly, luxuriously, opulently, decadently, beautifully, completely and unconditionally loved by God. Speaking of love, here is #14 on the countdown to a Love Supreme Day:

September 29, 2009

Cop This Disc: “Love Unstoppable”

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After nearly three years since his last release, “Free to Worship”, the father of soulful gospel, Fred Hammond, is back again with his new album, “Unstoppable Love”. I love Fred Hammond like I love cooked food and cupcakes, so I’m really excited that he is back. I haven’t heard anything on the album aside from the first single, but that is all I need. I trust Fred’s ministry and his heart for God. I can’t wait to hear another album of love songs to the Father.

In celebration of “Love Unstoppable”, I wanted to share the album’s first single, “They That Wait”.

Please go out and support Fred Hammond today in record numbers. If you did it for Jay-Z when Blueprint 3 dropped, and his music isn’t even glorifying God, how much more should you do it for Fred whose music’s purpose is to bring glory to God and edify the people of God?

May 19, 2009

Songs For Your Wait

I happened to be checking the search terms that have brought people to my blog and I noticed that one of them was “songs about waiting for God’s will.” And since I consider myself the princess of contemporary gospel music, I thought I’d offer my personal picks for songs to listen to while you tarry.

  1. “I Don’t Mind Waiting” Juanita Bynum: I discovered this song a couple of months ago while listening to Pandora—which I have to thank for much of my new music acquisitions over the last few months. We all know Bynum as a troubled woman of sorts, but I will not refute her ability to minister through her own brokenness and she does so masterfully in this song. All she does is repeat the phrase, “I don’t mind waiting”. And you know? That’s all that necessary because it’s the repetition that cements the lesson.
  2. “I Trust You” James Fortune & Fiya: I heard this song during one of my weekends in Atlanta last fall. Every time I got into a car, this song would play. It was the theme of the weekend and I felt as though God needed me to hear it because it was during a time when I had some decisions to make. He needed me to know that of all the people I could run to, He’s the safest place and he will lead me to the right place.
  3. “Victory” Brenda Water: My best friend used to play this song frequently when we lived together. It seemed like every morning I woke up to Brenda Waters’ singing, “I don’t know how, God’s gonna do it.” There were times when I was annoyed because she was one of those people who, when they liked a song and played it, they’d let it repeat over and over again. But when she let me borrow the CD once day, I ended up doing the same thing. Waters core message is that despite not knowing when God will come through for us, He will come through, and when He does there will be victory.
  4. “God’s Will Is What I Want” New G & Ricky Dillard: One Sunday morning our splendiferous-ly wonderful young adult choir sung this song and I couldn’t help but jump to my feet. Many of the older congregants didn’t understand what the choir was singing because the “God’s Will Is What I Want” chorus is repeated quite swiftly but once they caught on, the church was jamming. And the song is just simple. “God Is What I Want” is repeated so many times that even if you didn’t want it in the beginning you will want it in the end.
  5. “There Is No Place” Fred Hammond: I love me some Fred Hammond. Before him, I had no idea gospel music, music to my Lord and Savior, could be so romantic—I’m serious about this. Well that’s beside the point but I had to just say that. Anyways, this song came to me a few years ago when Hammond’s CD “Free to Worship” was released. It’s it about the will of God and the fact that there is no place better than being in it.  Simply put.
  6. “If It’s Not You” Joann Rosario: As a single woman, I am always tempted to go out and rectify my singleness situation by myself, but by doing so, I’d get myself in a whole heap of trouble and that’s where Joann Rosario’s song comes in. I heard this song one day I couldn’t help but rejoice at the fact that God sent me a reminder in song form that I can’t even waste an iota of time dealing with anyone who isn’t Him, for Him, or from Him. I listen to this song when I am feeling vulnerable and am in the position to compromise myself and go outside of His will. Once Rosario sings, “If it’s not you, I don’t want it at all. If it’s not You, Lord You’re the real, real. There’s nobody else I can trust with my heart. So I stand assured, Lord You are the real.”I just let those words minister to my heart and it helps me to remember that God is the lover of my soul.

Interestingly enough, as I wrote this list, and noticed that many of the songs lead with trust instead of out rightly speaking about God’s will, I realized it was important to mention that trust is the necessary part of waiting for God’s will to be manifested in your life. We can’t earnestly wait if we aren’t honestly trusting God. Trust Him fully, surrender yourself and your notion of preference and wait on the Lord to do His work.

So that’s my list, not at all comprehensive. What would you add?

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