The Loudmouth Protestant

February 5, 2010

#10: Countdown to a Love Supreme Day

Today’s song may sound familiar to you. Many of us remember exactly who and what the original song makes us think about when we hear it. But the difference between Jill Scott’s “He Loves Me” and Karen and Kierra Sheard’s “He Loves Me” is the focus and where it takes us.

Jill is singing about a horizontal love. The Sheard’s are singing about a vertical love. Jill’s song ignites within many of us, an amourous, erotic fire, which, within the confines of marriage, is fine. But, within the confines of the single Christian man or women, may not help you to keep your flesh in line.

To be clear, I am not condemning Jill’s “He Loves Me”. I think it’s a beautiful, lovely and sensual dedication to her lover. And I’m a woman created by God who was created to and desires to enjoy all of those things–within the confines of a convenant relationship set by God. But, at this moment, while I am unmarried and dedicated to living a chaste life until about 10 minutes after I say, “I Do”, it’s difficult for me to freely listen to Jill’s “He Loves Me” without taking a journey that might very well start in my mind but manifest itself in my actions. For that reason, I keep a tight rein on what I listen to. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, and there are times when I indulge in some music that takes me to the wrong place, but there is always a way out.

Karen and Kiki Sheards’ “He Loves Me” is a way out. Actually, it’s a way in. God’s way in to our hearts. Desiring earthly love is absolutely wonderful–God placed that desire in you. But it is nowhere as fulfilling as living in heavenly love. People have said that you can’t love anyone until you love yourself. Well, I dare to take it one step further and say you can’t love anyone–including yourself–until you realize He loves you.

He loves you. Especially. Different…


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