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September 30, 2007

I’m Scared…

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I am huge Jill Scott fan, I love her music, I love her spirit, I love that she is an African-American woman representing for full-figured women. She’s beautiful and the music she makes is complementary to that beauty, but for some reason with all this love I have for Jill, I was not aware that her album came out on Tuesday. Me, of all people, not knowing when her album came out? There must be some kind of problem.

So this evening I decided to purchase the album but something strange happened.

When I got home I didn’t anxiously rip the cellophane off of the CD–what’s going on? I thought she would be my cleaning music, but I instead opted for Hezekiah Walker who was definitely the better portion. Finally I had a moment to open the CD and what I saw inside was shocking. Here is what it said:

“While the album is not laced with traditionally “banned” words, it does contain selections that may be deemed erotic in nature dealing with explicit content.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes and I didn’t much feel like exposing my ears to it–needless to say I haven’t even listened to the CD because I am a little concerned for my flesh. It’s not to say that I don’t still love Jill, I do. I’ve got nothing but love for her, but it might be a while before I have a listen to this new album. Can those of you that own it let me know what the “safe” songs are so that I don’t have to totally forsake her?


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