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March 23, 2009

Cop This Disc: The Power of One

Tomorrow, Israel Houghton’s latest album, “The Power of One” will be released in stores. He has gone back to his roots as a solo artist and created an album that is a melting pot of sounds, from his well-known Christian Contemporary sound to reggae to 60s beach music. But more than music, “The Power of One” is a movement, a call to action to help people realize that all it takes is one person to make a difference.

I am here, 37 years later, as a result of the power of one. One lady who sort of crossed the uncomfortable line to tell my mother about Christ when she was eight months pregnant and messed up in her life. Out of that one encounter she obviously felt something and felt like, maybe I can make a difference in somebody’s life today. And she did and it has since had a reverberating effect in my life and the life of a lot of people that I have been able to communicate with and touch.

–Israel Houghton, Standing on “The Power of One”, Interview with

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