The Loudmouth Protestant

February 4, 2010

#11: Countdown to a Love Supreme Day

I am currently reading “The Gift Of Being Yourself” by David Benner. Benner seeks to take readers on a journey to true self-discovery by helping them to realize that everything that they need to become their true self is caught up in knowing God. One of the things that really caught my eye while reading the book is when Benner mentioned that God loves us with a passionate, absorbed interest. As soon as I read that, I imagined God sitting in front of me just staring at me waiting to see what I might do or say next with that look of admiration we hope that someone on this earth might have for us. I imagined that every time I prayed, no matter how trivial the matter, or no matter how many times I had brought it to Him before, He was still standing by waiting to have an occasion with me. At these thoughts I was just amazed at His perfect love.

It’s the love that we all wish for. A love so passionate, so absorbed, so caught up that we don’t see anything or anybody else. THAT, is how God loves us. THAT, is enough to secure us for the rest of our lives. THAT, is the kind of love we can feast off of and never grow hungry or thirsty. THAT, is love unrestrained, unspeakable, unfathomable, unmatchable, unbridled, unadulterated, and unstoppable. Imagine, He has children all over the world and yet the passionate, absorbed interest with which He loves us makes us feel like we are the only ones? THAT, is unselfish.

Considering all of this love He has for me, how can I not be consumed by Him? I just keep having these thoughts of love…


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